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IAQ Diagnostics Sdn Bhd is the first startup that we’ve worked with. Being a startup and taking the best foot forward is crucial and they understood that clearly. They are an aspiring team out to be the next-generation leader in Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions & service provider and that what they’ve achieved in the last 9 months. Besides the experience they posses in the industry their key points were that they deliver superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, utilizing technologically advanced equipment and analytical techniques.

The challenge is to position them as who they are accurately. We applied Brand Strategy and Experience for them, working within priority and budget.

IAQDS custom icons made by WeBrandIt

IAQDs Letterhead - Envelope and Business Card Design by WeBrandIt

IAQDs Brochure by WeBrandIt

IAQDs Brochure

IAQDs Fire & Flood Restoration Brochure

IAQDs Fire & Flood Restoration Brochure

IAQDS Company Profile made by WeBrandIt


IAQDs prides itself on delivering superior Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) solutions, utilising technologically advanced equipment and analytical techniques. WeBrandIt studies explored the tension between positioning, definition and strategy.

Strategically our goals were threefold; (i) position IAQDs as fresh, innovative, and yet rooted in methodology; (ii) express IAQDs as an iconic and confident brand; (iii) communicate a sense of warmth and approachability.

“Nothing beats introducing IAQDs as Innovative, Confident & Approachable”

IAQDS Website by WeBrandIt

IAQDs Presentation by WeBrandIt


The IAQDs logo represents Indoor Air Quality, interlocking with a building is their targeted customers. The curve line is innovation.  The color palette is comprised of earthy tones that presents health and nature. Accompanied by a simple tag-line telling the world who they exactly are. A logo with nothing but its tag-line that informs of what they do accurately when seen anywhere by anyone, anyhow, is what they loved from us the most.